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Terms of Service

When you request True Color Fabric Dyeing to dye your new or used textile items you agree to these terms. Your textiles will be dyed at the professional, commercial dye house with the most modern equipment, formulas and trained technicians. It is our goal for you to be very happy with the results. However as we did not weave the fabric, manufacture or maintain the item(s) we cannot control all results. There are some risks and surprise results.

Dyeing will not cover all stains. Some stains have an affinity to the dye and become emphasized. Some stains may not show prior to the dyeing but reveal after the dyeing. Stains can be caused by food, liquid, perspiration, fumes, fugitive dye, sun, bleach, cleaning products or other conditions. If you expose a dyed item to these conditions it could stain again.

Some fibers will not absorb the dye. Polyester is made of plastic and will not absorb the dye. An item could be labeled cotton however the thread, topstitching, holes, zippers, lace, fringe, patch, logo or embroidered areas might be polyester and so remain the original color. Fiber content listed on labels is usually accurate but not always. Generally we do not dye polyester, acetate, acrylic, nylon, wool, silk or leather.

This is a hot wash/hot dry process. We are not able to control or predict if your items will shrink, even if airdried. An item that has been washed and dried in advance is probably preshrunk. In many cases you or your dry cleaner can use a steam iron to bring items back to size, however we cannot guarantee that result.

We are not responsible for poor design, construction or maintenance of your item. We have used the same process again and again since 1996 with beautiful results. We are not responsible for shrinkage, rips, distortion, holes, poorly sewn seams or weak fibers. Lining, batting or shoulder pads may or may not absorb the dye. They can tear, shrink or shift position.

We cannot predict the results of pleating or crinkled fabric. We cannot take responsibility for buttons, buckles, snaps, beads, zippers, belts, trim, bows or other embellishments. They could break or fall off. They may or may not absorb the dye evenly.

Our process could affect the intended results of a surface treatment such as fire retardant, water repellent, scotchgard, mercerization, anti crease or optical brighteners. Check with the manufacturer. We do not apply any surface treatments. Surface treatment on fabric can produce a blotchy or blurry result. Fabric dyeing can void any warranty.

This is a vat dye process - meaning all items are submerged into the dye liquor of the requested color at the same time. Our goal is for level, even and solid color results. We do not make a lab dip sample. You can expect the color to be close but maybe not exact. Different fabrics will produce an acceptable range of color variation. Launder dyed items separately.

If you leave a dyed item in a sunny window it will fade. If your items have a lot of color loss, bleach, stain or faded areas prior to being dyed, consider our stripping out process. This process can usually, but not always, remove most color and stains down to an even base. If you have washed one cushion cover many more times than the rest of a slipcover set, consider this option. Usually this extra process can prevent lighter/darker areas. There is an extra charge to strip out.

Your dyed items will usually be returned to you in 3-8 weeks after we receive payment. To keep prices down we dye in volume so this schedule may change. If you have deadlines please let us know and we will try to accommodate. There could be a charge for an expedited turn around. We return your textiles neatly folded but not pressed.

We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Consider having your package insured. Always get a tracking number from your shipper.

We must receive payment before we can start your project. All sales are final. We do not make refunds or replacements. We do not provide free redye. Any disputes will be resolved by the Mediation Works - Dispute Center of Southern Oregon in Medford, Oregon. Items not paid for will be considered abandoned and so donated or sold to cover our cost.

Please contact us with any questions or special requests prior to signing your agreement to these terms on the Order Form.