Image of Peacock true color fabric dyeing  


Our deep rich black is beautiful on its own and it can cover a multitiude of stains, including bleach. Black is your best choice if you want to cover stains, fade, prints. Black, like all of our colors, is produced by a top quality, professional dyeing process. Your favorite turtleneck sweater and jeans and tee shirts will have a second life. Your items can be dyed again and again, as long as they are still serviceable.

"Sherry, I didn't save my order number, but I was just so happy with the work you did I felt compelled to write and let you know. I had 4 shirts dyed black, it was not that expensive, they look fantastic, dark, even color and I already washed with no leaking so I am really really pleased that I chose your company when looking. Plus you were nice when calling. If you ever need a recommendation please let me know, I would be absolutely willing. Take good care and thanks again" - Tracy

"WOW!!! We just received the parachutes dyed black up here in Seattle and ARE BLOWN AWAY! They above and beyond what we expected and we are so very grateful. Thanks again, we hope to work with you soon." - Aug 4, 2011

"I sent you scratchy, ugly white towels, discolored with stains, and you sent me back soft, luxurious black towels, dyed to perfection. They look and feel brand new. I could not be happier! I am planning to send another batch of towels to you soon. Looking forward to working with you again. You have a wonderful 2016 as well!" - Heather, Indiana

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