Image of Peacock true color fabric dyeing  

How to Dye Happily

For the best possible results be sure to read these tips.

True Color Tips

  • Items to be dyed must be clean
  • Remove or secure loose or unstable buttons, shoulder pads or decorations
  • It's easier to go from light colors to dark colors
  • Dye works best on cotton, linen, ramie, hemp, bemberg, rayon/viscose, silk and tencel
  • Polyester/Cotton blends produce a heather effect
  • Polyester thread retains its original color
  • Renewing a color means enhancing its original shade
  • Covering means to cover stains, fading and bleach spots
  • Be aware that items go through a HOT water wash and a HOT dryer process
  • Fiber content, condition, prior and post care of fabric can affect results
  • When faded your items can be dyed again
  • Buttons may or may not take the dye
  • All of our colors are color fast, but it is still wise to...
  • Launder dyed items separately
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Recycling Ideas

  • Renew your decor with color. Coordinate slipcovers, sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers, bed canopy, bed skirt, throw rugs and curtains for a fresh, fab, new look!
  • Let us dye your old bathrobe a wild color then wear it to the beach!
  • Dye Gramma's old Sunday damask linens to make dramatic table tops, pillows or personal fashions!
  • Towels and washclothes dye beautifully!
  • Rejuvenate futon and chair covers!
  • Dye your canvas sneakers, cloth hat and scarf to match and look new again!
  • Dye sweatpants, sweatshirt, leotard, leggings, hairband and sox to match your dance/yoga/exercise togs for a total look!